building a dyson sphere
scrubbing old toilets
inventing needle robots
posting on the internet via an etch a sketch
studying a village of monkeys
driving a stranger to montana
participating in sailing lessons
FF8in self
probably trying to blow up the moon
fightin to be free, a la Tom Petty
taking out a loan at one of several NationsBank offices
enjoying an ice cold Pepsi
getting a tattoo of a light bulb
under attack by Saudi Arabian terrorists
working the grill at Denny's
removing invisible spiders from crotch
huffing bras in the JCPenny lingerie department
shaving off latest failed beard attempt
using corncobs as toilet paper
finalizing a system that allows him to masturbate while rollerblading
defeating ethipoian terrorists with algebra
hitting the broad side of a barn
attempting to eat tofurkey
boycotting instant messaging for a few minutes
teaching christianity to the people of scandinavia
chauffeuring around the greater portland area
burning a taco bell down
concocting diet pill pyramid scheme
Pondering why politicians don't die of cancer
Tucson, AZ
working in salt mines to afford ps3
madly refreshing NeoGAF to see if MGS4 is really delayed
in cryostatis until MGS4 launch
auditioning for "Chocolate Rain:The Movie"
pulling a prank on a yetti
in cryostasis until MGS6 launch (ie forever)
too inside
sick of us =(

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